Belzer UW® Cold-storage Solution

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No cold supply chain required, storage at room temperature, less than half quantity used as compared to HTK.

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Pronto-Dry® H. Pylori RUT

Fulfilling Your Endoscopic Needs

The Most efficient tests for Helicobacter Pylori with high accuracy, faster results and easy to read color changes.

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Highly accurate tests.

Pronto-Dry H.Pylori proves to be a highly recommended test for H. Pylori where gastric biopsies are needed for most accurate results. Final reading at only 1 hour.

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Belzer UW® MPS®


Belzer MPS® (UW Machine Perfusion Solution) is intended for the in-vitro flushing and continuous hypothermic machine perfusion preservation of explanted kidneys. It is best used in conjunction with the VitaSmart® Oxygenated Machine Perfusion.

VitaSmart® Duo Machine Perfusion


While the organs are harvested from the donor after compatibility screening, the organs are flushed and kept alive in perfusion machine which supplies oxygenated blood to the procured organ from the donor. Several researches are in place and 220 patient clinical trials are still going on in Europe. VitaSmart® Duo can cater both liver and kidney transplantation procedures.

French Sized Cannulae & Tubing


Cannulae designed by transplant surgeons for abdominal organ transplants.


Suture bump for secure suturing

Adjustable bump (larger cannulae only) to allow degree of flexibility of fit

Fast flow

CE marked



8F 10F

12F 16F (adjustable)

20F (adjustable)

25F (adjustable)

Back table adaptor

Tubing sets are longer, easier to move away from surgical field and available in larger diameter, allows for a more rapid flow with high quality manufacturing, and consistent supply. 


BTL-173 — Quad Spiked Organ Perfusion Set

BTL-174 — Dual Tubing Set (.250″ diameter)

BTL-175 — Dual Spiked Organ Perfusion Set

BTL-177 — Portal Tubing


Belzer® UW Cold-storage Solution

The University of Wisconsin Solution (UW) became the first intracellular like organ preservation medium. The Belzer UW Cold-storage solution makes it easier to store the solution in bag. Belzer UW Cold Storage Solution is intended for flushing and cold storage of kidney, liver, and pancreas organs at the time of their removal from the organ donor in preparation for storage, transportation, and eventual transplantation into a donor recipient.