French Sized Cannulae & Tubing


Cannulae designed by transplant surgeons for abdominal organ transplants.


Suture bump for secure suturing

Adjustable bump (larger cannulae only) to allow degree of flexibility of fit

Fast flow

CE marked



8F 10F

12F 16F (adjustable)

20F (adjustable)

25F (adjustable)

Back table adaptor

Tubing sets are longer, easier to move away from surgical field and available in larger diameter, allows for a more rapid flow with high quality manufacturing, and consistent supply. 


BTL-173 — Quad Spiked Organ Perfusion Set

BTL-174 — Dual Tubing Set (.250″ diameter)

BTL-175 — Dual Spiked Organ Perfusion Set

BTL-177 — Portal Tubing